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Hunting Prices

Hunting is your passion, and you can enjoy the best of it at Grand River Outfitters. From turkey hunting to predator hunts, we offer a variety of options at competitive prices throughout the year.

Trophy White Tail Deer Hunting - $1500
You can book a hunt and arrive the day before. We show you the location of the tower stand and the area specified for deer hunting.

Turkey Hunting - $600 for Three Days (Spring Only)
We use pop-up turkey blinds for turkey hunting. Our staff shows you the location of the hides so that you know where to sit and wait for turkeys to enter your view.

Predator Hunts - $600 for Three Days (December to April)
After deer season is over, you can go to the owner's farm to hunt coyotes and bobcats.

Quail Hunting - $150 per Hunt
You're welcome to bring your dogs to help sniff out where quails nest.

Bow Hunting - $1350
Bring your hunting bow and hunt all the above targets. (We do not allow the use of mechanical broadheads.)

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